Копа Либертадорес 05/31 00:00 6 Ривър Плейт vs Депортиво Тачира - View


Копа Либертадорес 05/15 22:00 5 [4] Депортиво Тачира v Насионал Де Футбол [2] L 0-1
Копа Либертадорес 05/08 00:00 4 [4] Депортиво Тачира v Либертад Асунсион [3] D 1-1
Копа Либертадорес 04/24 22:00 3 [3] Насионал Де Футбол v Депортиво Тачира [4] L 2-1
Венецуела - Примера Дивисион 04/20 23:00 13 [10] Депортиво Ла Гуайра v Депортиво Тачира [7] L 1-0
Венецуела - Примера Дивисион 04/14 21:45 12 [9] Депортиво Тачира v Карабобо [6] W 1-0
Копа Либертадорес 04/10 00:00 2 [3] Либертад Асунсион v Депортиво Тачира [3] L 3-0
Венецуела - Примера Дивисион 04/05 20:00 11 [2] УКВ v Депортиво Тачира [5] L 2-0
Копа Либертадорес 04/03 00:30 1 Депортиво Тачира v Ривър Плейт L 0-2
Венецуела - Примера Дивисион 03/28 23:30 10 [6] Депортиво Тачира v Метрополитанос ФК [5] W 2-0
Венецуела - Примера Дивисион 03/25 00:30 9 [8] Интер де Баринас v Депортиво Тачира [7] D 1-1
Венецуела - Примера Дивисион 03/21 00:30 8 [10] Депортиво Тачира v Монагас [7] W 1-0
Венецуела - Примера Дивисион 03/15 23:00 7 [6] Ангостура ФК v Депортиво Тачира [4] L 2-0


Matches played 40 21 19
Wins 20 13 7
Draws 11 4 7
Losses 9 4 5
Goals for 49 31 18
Goals against 32 13 19
Clean sheets 15 9 6
Failed to score 11 4 7

The Deportivo Táchira Futbol Club is a professional football club of the city of San Cristóbal, Venezuela. Founded on January 11, 1974, by Gaetano Greco, the club was originally known as "San Cristobal Football Club".

The club plays its home matches at the Polideportivo de Pueblo Nuevo, which has a capacity of 42,500. Since 1975, it participates in the Venezuelan Primera División, making it the only Venezuelan team that has never fallen or participated in the lower category. Currently it holds the first position of the historical classification of the Venezuelan Primera División with 2229 points.

At the international level, it is the Venezuelan club with the most appearances in the Copa Libertadores. Its best international participation was its advance to the quarter-finals unbeaten in the Copa Libertadores 2004. It is one of two Venezuelan clubs that have advanced past the first phase of the Copa Libertadores, or reached the quarter-finals.

Deportivo Tachira has a subsidiary named Deportivo Táchira team "B", which participates in the Venezuelan Segunda División. It also has a Futsal team called Deportivo Tachira Fútsal Club, which plays in the Venezuelan Futsal League and the Superior Futsal Tournament.

Its fiercest rival is the Caracas FC, with whom it disputes the "Modern Derby" (Clásico Moderno) of Venezuelan football. It also plays the so-called "Andean Derby" (Clásico Andino) against Estudiantes de Mérida.


In 1970, Italian-born Gaetano Greco founded an amateur club called Juventus in San Cristóbal, named after the Juventus FC. In 1974, Greco noticed that there were no professional football clubs in Táchira, so he decided to found a club in Táchira based on the amateur Juventus club. He and twelve other people founded the club on January 11 of that year, which they named San Cristóbal Fútbol Club. Most of the club's players came from the Juventus club. Initially, the club's colors were blue and white, similar to the Italy national football team kits.

In January 1975, the club changed its colors to yellow and black, because those colors better represented the Táchira state and were the preferred colors of the Uruguayan manager José "Pocho" Gil, as they were the colors of the Uruguayan team Peñarol.

In the 2016 season, Deportivo Táchira drew an average home league attendance of 5,595 in the Apertura and 4,033 in the Clausura, the highest in the domestic league.

Naming history

Year Name
1974 San Cristóbal Fútbol Club
1975 Deportivo San Cristóbal Fútbol Club
1978 Deportivo Táchira Fútbol Club
1986 Unión Atlético Táchira
1999 Deportivo Táchira Fútbol Club
Депортиво Тачира (на испански: Deportivo Táchira Fútbol Club) е венецуелски футболен отбор от град Сан Кристобал, основан на 11 януари 1974 г. Играе своите мачове на стадион „Полидепортиво де Пуебло Нуево“. Клубът е собственост на регионалното правителство на щата Тачира.

Депортиво Тачира е едно от най-титулуваните отбори във Венецуела, спечелил е общо 8 титли на шампион, 6 титли на вицешампион, 4 национални купи и 1 суперкупа. В международни турнири най-доброто му класиране е четвъртфинал на Копа Либертадорес през 2004 г.