Лига КОНКАКАФ 09/22 02:00 4 Гуастатоя v Алаюелензе D 1-1
Коста Рика - Примера Дивисион 09/18 02:00 12 [6] Алаюелензе v АД Сан Карлос [10] D 2-2
Коста Рика - Примера Дивисион 09/15 01:00 11 [12] Мунисипал Перес Зеледон v Алаюелензе [3] L 1-0
Коста Рика - Примера Дивисион 09/12 01:00 10 [6] Гуадалупе ФК v Алаюелензе [5] W 2-4
Коста Рика - Примера Дивисион 09/08 00:00 9 [7] Алаюелензе v Хикарал [10] W 2-0
Коста Рика - Примера Дивисион 08/29 02:00 8 [2] Депортиво Саприса v Алаюелензе [7] L 4-2
Коста Рика - Примера Дивисион 08/26 01:00 7 [8] Алаюелензе v АД Гресия [3] W 1-0
Коста Рика - Примера Дивисион 08/17 20:00 6 [12] АД Гуанакастека v Алаюелензе [9] W 1-2
Коста Рика - Примера Дивисион 08/15 02:00 5 [11] Алаюелензе v Ередиано [7] W 4-1
Коста Рика - Примера Дивисион 08/12 03:00 4 [8] Сантос де Гуапилес v Алаюелензе [10] L 2-1
Коста Рика - Примера Дивисион 08/08 01:00 3 [7] Алаюелензе v Картагинес [11] L 2-3
Коста Рика - Супер Купа 08/05 02:00 - Алаюелензе v Депортиво Саприса L 1-4


Matches played 58 32 26
Wins 32 17 15
Draws 16 11 5
Losses 10 4 6
Goals for 116 61 55
Goals against 64 31 33
Clean sheets 18 13 5
Failed to score 8 5 3

Liga Deportiva Alajuelense (LDA, Spanish pronunciation: [ˈliɣa ðepoɾˈtiβa alaxwe´lense]), commonly known as Alajuelense and nicknamed La Liga (Spanish pronunciation: [la ˈliɣa]), is a Costa Rican multisport club based in the borough of El Llano, Alajuela province. Although they compete in a number of different sports, Alajuelense is mostly known for its association football team. It plays in the Primera División de Costa Rica, the top tier of the Costa Rican football league system. Alajuelense is one of two clubs to have never been relegated, along with Herediano.

Alajuelense was founded on the former Paris Hall, west of Alajuela's Central Park, on June 18, 1919 by six former players of a historic city club, Once de Abril, with the intention of uniting all the sportsmen and associations present at that time in Alajuela under a single banner. However, it wouldn't be until 1928 when Alajuelense managed to become national champions for the first time in a season that saw the club's first star: Alejandro Morera. Morera, who would later go on to become Barcelona's main striker for two seasons, is regarded as one of the finest players Costa Rica has ever produced. He would later manage Alajuelense to their second national title in 1939 as well as two others in 1941 and 1945. Since then, Alajuelense has become one of the most supported football clubs in Costa Rica.

Alajuelense is one of the most successful teams in Costa Rica and Central America, having won 30 national championships. They have also won two CONCACAF Champions League titles, one CONCACAF League, and three Copa Interclubes UNCAF. Alajuelense was the first Costa Rican club to win an official international competition when they defeated Suranamese club Transvaal in the final series in 1986. Alajuelense has also participated in the Interamerican Cup, Copa Merconorte and Copa Sudamericana. In 1996, Alajuelense became the first club in the world to reach 100 points in any national league, finishing with a total of 102 points. This feat was repeated in 1998 and 2000 with 105 and 102 points gained, respectively.

Alajuelense plays its home matches at the Estadio Alejandro Morera Soto. Alajuelense's home kit is composed of red and black vertical striped shirts, with black shorts, accompanied by red or black socks. This combination has been used since the club's foundation. Kelme are the kit manufacturers. Alajuelense holds many long-standing rivalries, most notably against Saprissa, Herediano and Cartaginés. It has contributed many key and famous players towards Costa Rica's FIFA World Cup squads such as José Carlos Chaves, Óscar Ramírez, Mauricio Montero, Wilmer López, Luis Marín, Jhonny Acosta and Patrick Pemberton.