Коста Рика - Сегунда

Коста Рика - Сегунда

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Costa Rican Second Division also known as Liga Movistar for sponsorship reasons, is a professional league for association football clubs in Costa Rica. It is the country's second-tier football competition, contested by 18 clubs and operates by a system of promotion and relegation. The competition was formed on 1921.


Large and traditional teams for Costa Rican soccer have passed through this Division, such as Deportivo Saprissa, C.S. Cartagines, C.S. Liberty, C.S. Uruguay de Coronado, Orión F.C., Municipal Puntarenas and Deportivo Barrio México. The second division has been called in different years the First Division "B" for Ascent and the Major League of Soccer.

The first Second Division championship was held in 1921. The Moravia Sports Union was the winner of that contest, which was only participatory until 1934. From 1935 to 1963, the Second Division champion played a promotion league with the last place in the First division. The Second Division teams lost that league in all cases except Uruguay in 1949; Moravia, in 1950 and Deportivo Nicolás Marín (currently Barrio México) in 1963 that did manage to win it and ascend. From 1964 and to date, the champion of the Second Division is promoted directly to the First Division. Until the year 1987 the finals system is played. From that year and until 2003, the winners of the semifinals faced each other to fight for the ticket to the First Division in a reciprocal round. In 2003, the system of short tournaments was established, in which the winners of the Opening and Closing finals of each year compete in a final series for promotion by reciprocal round.